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Growing zones

Posted by tfoote 
Growing zones
September 17, 2006 10:55PM
I noticed that you state that the root is a perennial in zones 5-9 and an annual in other zones. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska where it gets -50 and let me assure you that horseradish grows like crazy here. It is definitely a perennial! In fact, I am afraid it is becoming rather "weedy" in my box garden and I am having to aggressively cut the runners and give them to friends.
Re: Growing zones
September 18, 2006 08:19PM
Yes, horseradish is a perennial. In warm zones horseradish needs a cold period to simulate winter. This is accomplished by storing the root in the 'fridge in a plastic bag to keep it cold and moist for a period of time. This is not an issue you will have in Alaska! Freezing can harm the root, this does not always happen. The roots are pretty persistent growers.
Re: Growing zones
September 18, 2006 11:32PM
Last night I cut half of the main root, peeled it, put it in a blender and processed it. I made the mistake of sticking my nose in the blender after processing and darned near burned the inside of my nose! Also, I discovered that if you do not add vinegar within a minute it does become very, very hot. For those who are wheat-sensitive, rice vinegar works fine. Regular white vinegar has wheat in it.
Re: Growing zones
January 18, 2007 09:31AM
Would horseradish grow OK on the Big Island of Hawaii?
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