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How to plant and grow horseradish
How to Grow Horseradish
Horseradish is very easy to grow & requires little care once established
Where to plant horseradish:
  • Choose a generous site for this fast grower. Since horseradish is a perennial, don't put it in a vegetable garden that gets tilled every year. A corner of your herb garden is ideal. Also can be grown in a deep container, such as a whiskey barrel planter. Try to give it full sun. Partial shade is fine, however growth will be slower. Soil Ph should be between 5.5 to 7. The plant will grow approx. 24" tall and 18" wide and have white flowers in springtime.
When to plant horseradish:
  • Plant your root as soon as you receive it! If ground cannot be worked, store root in refrigerator in loosely wrapped plastic bag. The next year's crop should be planted in early spring, as soon as the soil can be worked. Also can be planted in late fall, the same as garlic or onions.
How to plant horseradish plants:
  • Dig a hole deep & wide enough to comfortably fit the roots of the plant. Mix some compost or sand or other soil amendments depending on your soil type to obtain a rich well-drained soil. Hold the plant over the hole as you refill the dirt, keeping the base of the leaves at the soil line. Water plant well. It is normal for the plant to wilt for a few day after planting. If planted in full sun, we recommend temporarily shading the plants for the first couple of days until they recover from transplanting. You will see new leaves appearing soon!
How to plant horseradish roots:
  • Dig a hole 1 foot across and as deep as your shovel. Loosen the soil in the bottom of the hole. Place root on a 45 degree angle, around 6 inches deep for the small end and top of root just below the surface. Refill the hole with compost, and mound up a couple of inches because the dirt will settle with time and watering.
Planting Horseradish                    growing horseradish
Root ready to be covered with compost      Same root after planting
How to water horseradish:
  • Keep soil slightly moist, just as any other plant.
How to fertilize horseradish:
  • The compost you re-filled the planting hole with should give the horseradish plant most of it's food for the season, but if needed apply a balanced or low-nitrogen fertilizer 2 or 3 times during the season.
When to harvest horseradish:
  • For most pungent flavor do not harvest until the leaves have seen frost. In the south, harvest in late fall. One-year old plants have the most flavor, so dig it up and replant each season. See our "how to process" page for information on dividing your root for next year's crop.


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