Grow Horseradish Recipe
Bert's Horseradish Plants
Oakwood Village, Ohio

Make Horseradish Plant


Horseradish Root

Root is shipped dormant & ready to plant or process

If you live in an area where you don't have a full growing season this will give you a head start to assure you get a good harvest the very first year

$8.95 each (one root)



Horseradish Plant
Young Plant

Our best seller!

Plants are shipped Bare-root & ready to plant.

$8.95 each (one plant)




Thanksgiving Cactus
Thanksgiving Cactus

One well-rooted cutting in a 2" pot

Easy to care for, old-time favorite

$8.95 each



African Violet

african Violet

One well-rooted plant in a 2" pot

$6.95 each



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